Welcome to, “a site for insight” from an international business perspective.

This forum will focus on the fundamentals for successful international business development, in other words, the language, culture, history, economic and political understanding required to be successful in overseas markets.  It will focus on small and medium sized companies that together form the backbone of U.S. exports overseas but almost always lack the resources available to famous corporate giants.

We can take heart, however, that money and resources are not the critical keys to success here. Big companies have failed – and often failed big – not because they didn’t have money, but because they ignored the fundamentals. Those fundamentals are available to anyone willing to make the commitment to learn and adapt.

That then is the focus of this forum: to provide the fundamentals as a framework of analysis in developing and maintaining a successful international presence.  Many of the topics covered will be of interest and applicable to other groups as well: tourists and travelers, volunteers, students and anyone with an interest in increasing their chances for successful interaction in and with foreign cultures.

The articles and commentary on this site are neither “conservative” nor “liberal” in perspective, but rather, focus on insights and best practices for success in the international marketplace.  If that strikes some readers as occasionally “conservative” or “liberal” then that’s strictly from the reader’s view.

I will use my experience in the medical device industry as base, as it provides a wide range of dealing with international standards, government regulations, import controls, consumer marketing, privacy laws and other conditions applicable to many other industries.

I will also occasionally feature guest columnists who will share their special insights, tips and experiences.

We welcome questions, qualified commentary and opinions of a reasoned, informed nature.

Finally, all blog content including photographs, unless specifically noted otherwise,  are copyrighted by Gary Makowski, and may not be used without express written permission, except for the purposes of fair use quotation with proper reference.

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