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This forum has been expanded from its original focus on strictly international business development issues for North American audiences. “International business” cannot be considered in isolation from the wider world which includes language, culture, politics, history, and importantly, perceptions. Much of the feedback we have received over the years included requests to delve into those aspects more deeply, as perceptions play a significant role in all areas of international relations.

How do “we” perceive other countries and cultures? How do “they” perceive us?   That perspective can be influenced by many things: some historic, some cultural, some political, some personal, and some unexpected.  And even some unreasonable.

How many of us have read a headline in the U.S. media and drawn a somewhat broad conclusion about another country or people or culture as a result? It doesn’t matter whether we get that impression from media that might be perceived as slanting a little left or right. In the grand scheme of things, the range of thought in US media is only one part of the more expansive range of global thought on any given world issue.

International audiences are no different. They get their impressions from their own media that maybe slants a little left or right about the U.S. Complicating matters in American and foreign perceptions of each other, has been the recent and sometimes sudden changes in American foreign policies that, in the view of many nations, has been highly unpredictable and unilateral. During this same time, the U.S. domestic political, social, and cultural milieu has been experiencing unprecedented upheavals.

Our objective, then, is to try to present views and perspectives that international audiences may not be seeing in their media. They need to know these insights. And similarly, we intend to present views and perspectives to North American audiences from international perspectives that we may be missing. We need to know them.

This forum is neither “liberal” nor “conservative”, nor affiliated or aligned with any political party, public organization, corporate entity, or government. We receive no contributions from any Political Action Committee or lobbying organization. (We have not been infiltrated by any covert foreign intelligence agencies posting misinformation!) Some readers’ beliefs and assumptions may be challenged but we hope that results in a broadening of…”perspectives.”

We welcome qualified commentary or opinions of a reasoned and informed nature.

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