Continuing from last month’s column, here are the last six of the ten essential points of using “International English.” 5) Avoid negative questions/ tag questions. English is somewhat unusual in that the framing of this kind of question doesn’t really impact the answer; it merely reflects the speaker’s guess at … Continue reading

SPEAK LIKE FORREST GUMP: Communicate With Your International Audience

Forrest Gump’s communication style was simple and direct, with nearly universal references to which everybody could relate: mother, food, friendship, and of course, those famous boxes of chocolates.  Communication with your international audience should be in a similar fashion to Forrest’s. Oral comprehension is heavily dependent on the speaker’s international … Continue reading

SPEAK LIKE FORREST GUMP: Captivate Your International Audience

Forrest Gump or The Wolf of Wall Street?   Which one would you pick for your international sales and marketing team? Over the years, Hollywood has provided us with some interesting models that could be used in developing successful training techniques for use overseas in non-English speaking countries.  In the hit … Continue reading

Welcome to International is “a site for insight” from an international business perspective. After over a quarter-century in international business in the medical industry, I have learned that besides a good product and good general business skills, the real key to success in the international marketplace is an understanding of the language, … Continue reading